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Child Support -
Parent Information - Custodial Parent

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Be Prepared
Your child support investigator needs your help to get information for your case.

Name, address, date of birth, Social Security number for you and your children.

Name and address of your current or most recent employer if you are ordered to provide medical coverage.

Any information on income for the non-custodial parent.

Be In Touch
You are the best source of information on your child support case. If you have a change of address, a change or loss of employment, a change in your legal name, let the CSEA know. Staying in touch with the agency helps us help you.

Be Informed
Learn all you can about child support. Know your rights and responsibilities and exercise them.

Be Patient
Due to the large number of cases handled by the CSEA, there may be delays. Often, these delays are caused by problems and circumstances outside of the agency. However, if you have questions, please ask.

Important Information About Your Child Support Order
Support orders are effective the day the order is file stamped UNLESS otherwise noted in the court order.

Maintain records of your child support payments, keep a file with all of your child support documents.

CSEA does not enforce visitation orders, address custody issue, nor determine tax exemption status.

Medical support is equally as important as child support. CSEA will work to see that every child has access to health coverage, when available.

Failure to make regular, full child support payments in a timely manner will cause child support arrears to accumulate and result in enforcement action that may include:

1. Additional wage withholding to satisfy arrearages.

2. Interception of federal and state income tax refunds.

3. Referral to consumer reporting agencies.

4. Revocation of driver's, hunting, fishing, recreational or professional licenses.

5. Putting a lien on the non-custodial parent's house or personal property.

6. Freeze and/or seize the non-custodial parent's bank account.

7. Filing legal action with the court.

Parenting is a Partnership
Children benefit when both parents work together to take care of their children's emotional and financial needs. This is true even when the parents are not married to one another. Children have the right to support from both parents. They do not lose this right even if their parents divorce or never marry.

When children do not get support, they may:
Suffer emotionally and physically

Have a reduced standard of living

Fail to have their basic needs met

Not support their children when they become parents

Parents must work together with the children's best interests in mind to get the children all the financial, medical, and other benefits they are due. Withholding visitation when child support payments are not paid hurts the children.

Things To Remember:
Child support checks are now processed from Columbus, Ohio. Payments go to Columbus first, then are mailed.

Alert CSEA of your address and name changes in writing. CHILD SUPPORT CHECKS AND INFORMATION RELATED TO YOUR DIRECT DEPOSIT OR DEBIT CARD EXPIRATION MAY NOT BE FORWARDED. You may either fax, mail, or bring in your written updates. Be sure to include your old and new information including any new phone (including cell) number. We also ask that you provide the last 4 digits of your social security number and your date of birth, the case number(s), and the person(s) who pays you, to ensure that we are updating the correct cases.

If you are receiving public assistance or a medical card, you must also change your address with your Job and Family Services caseworker.

How Can I Find Out About Child Support Payment Information?
Call the SETS Automated Payment Line at 1-800-860-2555. In order to access this system you will need to have your SETS case number or Social Security number handy.

If you have a E-Quick Pay Card, you can check balances online by clicking here or by calling 1-800-503-1283.

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